Still Standing On Those Weight Scales Wishing And Hoping?

You can read them online and most every other place in this country: “10 Ways To Lose Weight” or “Get Out And Exercise” or our favorite “Do Some Detective Work About Why The Scales Hate You!” Oh, my it sounds so easy, but the house of common sense has four questions for you and they are:

  • Do you have perfect days then “bingo” you stuff yourself until you have to run to the bathroom and throw-up?
  • Does bingeing make you feel happy, then later you’re so disgusted with yourself you won’t even look in the mirror?
  • Is the reason you binge because you are unhappy with life?

Do you eat a little with family or friends, then overeat like the world is coming to an end when you are alone?

The Orient; talking about place like China and Japan, are usually one-up on the United States when in comes to medicine. They have figured out methods of losing weight and feeling great and one of those methods of weight control is Acupuncture. Yes, it sounded strange to me, too but it allows your body to take in less fat from the food you eat. Actually this treatment method conquers the temptation to, well, overeat.

Acupuncture naturally releases endorphins that gives you a calming effect that targets the frustration that triggers overeating and bingeing on fattening foods. In other words, here is what this treatment will do for you:

  • Reduce hunger and food cravings.
  • Allows your body to take in less food fats.
  • Takes away the frustrations and anxiety that triggers the overeating syndrome.
  • Makes you feel good; ergo, you eat less.

Here is a special note on losing weight by health Guru specialist, John at Image Weight Loss Centers: Get moving with exercise, fill up on fruits and veggies, make a plan and stick with it, eat a healthy morning meal, don’t drink your calories, don’t do anything drastic, explore healthy oils, eat by color, make small trips, take short walks for as long as you can handle it, and above all, laugh – a lot and don’t try to be perfect.

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