• egg whites
  • caster sugar
  • vanilla
GF = Gluten Free


Make sure all utensils are dry - meringues do not like any moisture! Preheat oven to 120C/250F

Measure unbeaten egg whites into cup then add double the amount of caster sugar e.g. 1/2 cup egg whites to 1 cup sugar + a few vanilla drops to taste.

Beat egg whites on electric mixer until dry and frothy, gradually add sugar a few spoonsful at a time beating well after each. Add vanilla halfway through adding sugar. It is ready when you can hold a spoonful of mix upside down without it falling off spoon. Spread aluminium foil onto large baking tray but do not grease. Put large teaspoons of mix on tray and put in oven (top shelf) for 1 hr. Turn off oven and leave to cool in oven. Store in airtight container as any damp in air will cause meringues to go soggy.


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